Pickering councillors who support expeditious dismantling of PNG (power)

The Pickering Nuclear Generating Plant is scheduled for closure in 2014. But the storage of contaminated spent fuel will still be a and clean up should begin immediately.

The Pickering Councillors supporting expeditious clean up after the dismantling are:

Hi Richard
Decommissioning means NO  Nuclear Plant.  The PNGS is scheduled to shut down in 2024 our motion going to Council is to tell OPG and other Stakeholders that the decommissioning process needs to start upon closing.  it will take decades for the lands to return to a state which will enable our Waterfront to once again return to its natural state.  The longer OPG takes to start the process the longer it will sit idle as a white elephant on our waterfront,  something I and I am sure Council and the Public will not tolerate.

Maurice Brenner
City Councillor Ward 1
Durham Regional Councillor Alternate
City of Pickering


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