COMPUTERS: Privacy isn’t your own on the Internet

Privacy doesn’t exist on the Internet.

There is no such thing as total privacy on the Internet.

You can minimize surveillance and somewhat defend against intruders, but there is only one near 100% safeguard….

Don’t go there!

However, many people enjoy the treasure trove of the Internet. There is something out there for everyone from art collector to culinary aficionado, from applications evaluator to wav studio collections. Want to meet people? Internet. Want to socialize? Internet. Want to travel from your armchair? Internet. The Internet almost has it all, virtually rather than in reality. Still seeing it, hearing it is almost as good as feeling it and smelling it.

However, a serious caveat. The Internet is a very risky place to explore. Your privacy is always as risk as you are opening your computer portal to others. Do online financial activities? Be aware your pocket can be picked. Purchase things via the Internet? Your wallet may be open to more than just the one retailer with whom you think you are dealing.

Safeguards exist
There are defensive strategies and defensive tools to help you minimize your risk. Use ANTI-VIRUS programs, ANTI-MALWARE applications and ANTI-RANSOMWARE software. Learn about these defensive tools and use them.

Almost every browser out there has shortcomings when it comes to PRIVACY issues. Have you ever noticed about a day after you have been looking for vacuum cleaners on the Internet, you are surprised by numerous popups for vacuum cleaners. Hoover, Electrolux, Dysan…how in the world did all these companies know you were interested in a vacuum cleaner. The bought your information from you browser company. Browser companies, Google Chrome is the most notorious, track what you do on the Internet, all your Internet activity and they store that information for future sale. Your Internet activities, your email addresses, your Internet chat, everything is logged by the most invasive browsers such as Chrome and Bing/Edge. You have no privacy on the Internet with these highly intrusive browsers. However, you can minimize the intrusion by using a search engine blocker such as DuckDuckGo.

Watch out for Google
Google tracks pervasively.Google trackers are actually lurking behind the scenes on 75% of the top million websites. To give you a sense of how large that is, Facebook is the next closest with 25%. To display Google’s ubiquity on the internet, examine the chart below which shows Googles tracking footprint compared to other companies:

DuckDuckGo prides itself on safeguarding and not invading your privacy. Investigate the search engine on the Internet. Install it to your computer and make it your default search engine. Your privacy will no longer be as exposed as it once was.



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