Now here an interesting scam. Do not get taken in by it.

Companies selling a product or a service, must deliver the purchase. Otherwise, they are guilty of fraud and can be criminally liable.

Here’s an interesting refund policy from a web repair service company which I recently contracted for assistance with our website.

Our Refund Policy:

Our Fix WordPress Issues refund policy is as follows:

If we attempt to but cannot fix your WordPress issue, we will refund your payment.

No refund if:
We do not offer refunds for any other reason, including you fixed the issue yourself; you no longer need the issue fixed; you no longer want the issue fixed; you submitted a multi-step/complex WordPress fix which is not definable as one issue and therefore not covered with this service; you did not read our terms and conditions. In these cases, your support ticket will be held as a credit for a future fix with no exceptions.
You can read this at https://www.wpfixpros.com/tos/

Notice there is no time line in this policy. Hence, if they cannot repair the issue, cannot repair the issue, cannot repair the issue, cannot repail the issue [ that’s not a typo…just an indicator that they can sit on the repair attempt and while they do, the client is not eligible for a refund. Worse still is the line about self repair which also negates any eligibility for a refund. ]

A refund was issued
A refund was obtained. Here’s how. The purchase had been made using a well known credit card company. The company confirmed that “no delivery, no payment, due full refund.” When the company was informed that the major credit card company was now involved and that they would be on that company’s ‘black list,” the volume was enough to reverse the no refund policy.

The moral of the story
The lesson learned here is:
1. Use of a major credit card ensures you have clout behind you should a legitimate problem occur with the purchase.
2. Credit companies will go to bat to help you resolve purchasing problems.

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