JUST MY OPINION...: Put an end to all bullying.

 Though focus is greater on her husband, Melania Trump deserves some attention. She is married to the most controversial leader in the world and many people would love to know her thinking, her feelings and her views about numerous things.


Melania Trump gave her own speech last week at the United Nations to the wives of the world leaders, who were present at the time. While I am really not trying or meaning to be judgmental or self-righteous, I couldn’t resist but to make some observations and comments to whoever was within earshot. [ Full text of Melania’s UN speech ]

As a retired educator, bullying has always been a focus for me, as it is such an embedded but at times subtle part of the school culture. One can teach how to resist bullying, even to strategize against it or demonize it. Modeling anti-bullying behaviour is the most effective way to teach young people. Students, staff and others learn by example and it is through early and on-going intervention in social education that young people learn to be more tolerant, more pro-active, and more compassionate towards others, less fortunate. Bullying will never be eradicated completely. There are always be victims of bullying. The bully feels even more power over his/her victims; he/she even feels empowered to continue this behaviour because it makes them feel superior.

This is the reason why I was so bothered by Melania’s speech! She called upon world leaders to be accountable and responsible in rejecting bullying of all kinds. Is she blind to the bullying done by her own husband? Her husband relishes demeaning and diminishing anyone whom he does not like; who is disloyal to him or who seems to be a threat to his self-centered, narcissistic personality. Smashing golf balls in a video game at the back of Hillary Clinton’s head, was not humorous. It was a morally and ethically wrong example of extremely bullying behaviour.

There are many such examples that are blatantly clear that her husband, the President of the United States, no less, aims to hurt his real or perceived enemies. He has no boundaries and he has no other way of suppressing his supposed enemies, except through the bully pulpit.

It is ironic and insensitive that Melania would choose such a strong topic to bring to the world stage. Does she not recognize that this onerous behaviour is happening in her own tight circle? It’s like preaching to others on how to take the moral high ground but I don’t have to and turns the other way when it is happening with her own husband almost daily in his speeches, on Twitter, in interviews. He has the power to influence the masses and to tear them down too.

Upon some reflection, and perhaps some guidance from her secretary and advisors, another topic might have been more appropriate. There is a young son to consider and countless grandchildren, and by her own words, “they are listening and watching….their own family must be more responsible and definitely, more accountable.!” These were Melania’s own words. Does she even believe them?


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