PYVES: Blueprint guide for newbie writers

Rick Pyves, the writer of three military history books, is very dedicated to his craft and passionate about writing great books based on his extensive research. His advice to new writers is packaged in this blueprint, a road map for neophyte writers to use as a guide for working their endeavours:


  • Idea creation/book idea
  • Research
  • Writing
  • Copyright
  • Copy editing
  • Structural editing
  • Book Proposal (non-fiction)

o   Author Bio
o   Table of Contents
o   Chapter Synopsis
o   Publishing Details re: word number, pictures, etc.
o   Overview of book
o   Marketing plan including target audience
o   How does your book compare to others in the same genre
o   Tone of the book
o   Samples of several chapters
o   Query letters to agents and or publishers

  • Contract with a publisher
  • Printing and proofing
  • Book launch
  • Promotion – social media

–        Conventional media
–        Book signings, presentations
–        Continuous promotion thereafter…..

Link to Rick Pyves website


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