PYVES: On self-publishing & writing…

Self-publishing and writing

  • Write from your personal field of experience if possible
  • Write for yourself first and then the potential audience
  • Consider taking 1-2 writing courses at a local college

Self-edit little before completing your first draft. Concentrate on the writing, there will be plenty of opportunities to edit and improve on the first draft afterwards.

Write, write, and write some more. Don’t procrastinate.

Your book and marketing proposal
A key book and marketing proposal is critical for success re traditional publishers and should contain the following:

  • Brief overview of the book
  • Tone/manner of the book
  • Authors Bio including publishing credits
  • Market Analysis re how your book compares to other similar books in the market
    –          Include 3 -5 examples
  • How/why your book is different
  • Identify your target audience and size
  • Describe how you will market the book
  • Publishing details re number words, chapters, pictures, maps, letters  etc
  • Table of contents
  • Chapter synopsis
  • Include 3-5 sample chapters


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