SENIORS: Senior drivers need to update driving skills

Are you an older driver? Are you still driving safely? Says who?

The issue of “too old to drive” has been discussed for a long time and no definitive conclusions have been reached about an UNSAFE Senior driver.

Rob Redinger, Toronto Star, also has written the topic.


Seniors in a very competent bunch of members of a current events discussion group who I worked with, drew some conclusions about older drivers who seem to be no longer safe on the road. The group concluded that if a senior demonstrated driving capabilities which were questionable, then the following sequence of actions should be undertaken:

  1. Discuss the person’s risky driving habits with the individual concerned.
  2. Talk to the family of the driver concerned if #1 fails to resolve the unsafe driving issue.
  3. Call the police. An intermediate step if you are reluctant to call the police is to call the family doctor but there is no guarantee the doctor will act accordingly.

By doing nothing in relation to the driver of questionable capability, we are doing many people more harm than good. The driver is at serious risk and danger every time they get behind the wheel. Furthermore, they endanger everyone else when they drive.

Obviously, other people are in danger as well when this driver is still driving. Simply put, this driver is a danger to all other people as well as themselves each time they drive.

Rob Redinger, Toronto Star, wrote a column about driving skills and Seniors. Read his article:  Redinger ARTICLE

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