AGEING: Everyone loses when seniors avoid using technology

Fake news photo? Possibly. More and more seniors are avoiding the use of technology, to their own loss and detriment. But it is reality and studies are validating the truth of this claim.

The U of T has found there is growing fear among seniors over the use of the Internet. 

Seniors’ reluctance to use technology is a far greater loss than first seen. We all lose when seniors stop learning.

The number of seniors not using technology, not using online services, not surfing the web is a significant problem for all of society. We lose the benefit of educating more people, more people acquiring more skills. We lose because the potential benefits of learning and retaining mental capability are lost because of fear. We lose because seniors could demonstrate how technology use could be improved for everyone, particularly other people in this growing demographic of our society.

If you’re a senior, an adult 55+, and you are reluctant to learn technology, you are losing far more than you realize. You are losing the opportunity of mental strengthening. You are losing the opportunity of slowing down mental decline due to age. You are losing far too much.

But you can change the picture. Talk to your grandchildren, your children and ask for help in becoming computer literate. Take a course, especially one specifically intended for senior learners. Talk to other seniors about how they use technology, online services and how they learned the necessary skills to benefit from that area of knowledge.

A University of Toronto study confirms that more and more seniors are failing to take advantage the potential benefits of technology use.

Read the U of T report at: UT Study.


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