Sept. 16 – Jazz, Friday 13th, and gardening

Jazz, fighting the crowd at Fri 12th in Dover, and veggie thievery!

Hip-Hip Hooray!!!
As of last Wed Sept 11 afternoon, a collective sigh of relief went up from all of us here at #555 Harris Place as Ella 2….our #2 elevator….finally was working again. The ‘sorry for any inconvenience’ note was posted by Skyline Living management, telling us Ella 2 would be ‘out of service’ from August 26 to the 30th. And altho there were no further delay postings, at least that Rotzy saw, all of the yellow tape let folks know on a daily basis that it still wasn’t fixed yet. The number of mumblings and grumblings increased, and by the tyme we were into week #3 it was getting a little nasty down in the first floor lobby…..everybody asking ”have YOU heard a date yet”?! The best response I heard was from a lady up on the 7th floor….”I heard October….2025”. A little bit of humour doesn’t hurt. And yours truly got a few looks/raised eyebrows and humourless grunts from a carload when I suggested ”Skyline would surely knock a hundred bucks or so off next month’s rent in lieu of our ‘inconvenience’. Or maybe not.

In An Ongoing Effort….
….for Miz. Jo and me to remain somewhat ‘active’ in and around Brant’s Ford, as well as right here at #555 H/P, in what I have referred to as ‘outings’, it was, shall we say, an interesting/varied week. Hence, in no particular order, we’ll give y’all a rundown of what did and what didn’t happen, at least not for us here in Unit #303. We decided to stick with our regular Friday routine of ‘Order In Day’….which we initiated last October upon our arrival….so we said ”thanks anyway” for pizza the #555 Happy Hour crew were ordering in. Their 5:00PM starting tyme conflicts/conflicted with our 6:00PM Fine Dining spread, and last week was an abundant mix of seafood on top of linguine and a great sauce, from Red Lobster! But I’m sure their pizza was good. The second ‘outing’ we opted out on, after much discussion and hearing all about it from many sources, was driving down to Port Dover, for The Friday the 13th Bikers get together. Not to mention a foot long Arbor Dog and Golden Glo*tm drink! (which Rotzy hasn’t tasted in decades) Bottom line from the feedback we got was/is that Dover becomes a ‘total zoo’….but the clincher for me/us was the $30+ for parking, then another $10 or $20 for a shuttle bus ride into town??!! To tell the truth, I’m not even sure if all that negative stuff we heard IS the truth or not, but it’s enough to step back and say ”well, maybe next year”. Then I heard a guy on Zoomer F/M Radio talking about Dover’s NEXT Friday The 13th not happening until 2049! How can that be??!! Seems there’s usually a couple every year, aren’t there? Thankfully, Miz. Jo got me sorted out on that baby….2049 will be the next Friday The 13th *accompanied by a Full Moon. Hey, this olde guy was never big on astronomy….or is it astrology? Anyway, aside from missing out on a dog and drink at The Arbor, the other ‘disappointment’….albeit of a minor nature….is not getting the chance to catch a glimpse of The Ghost Of Bernie Guindon, who as I recall headed up Hell’s Angels Canadian ranks, Satan’s Choice and cetera, and cetera. I’m sure Bernie was in Dover Friday and you can bet he didn’t pay for no damned parking and/or a shuttle. But I’m sure Bernie would ante up at The Arbor, just like you or I would I read his autobiography (Hard Ride?) a couple or three years back, and to say he was a tough dude doesn’t even come close. But I digress….seeing as it’s Sunday the 15th, and almost 11:00AM, we’re planning on another ‘outing’ this aft…..The 12th Annual Brantford Jazz Festival, which of course, having been in Nakina since 2000, we’ve never made it down here in the summer months. According to B-SCENE Entertainment and Community Guide, there are a number of top-notch acts appearing every year, and 2019 is no exception. However, aside from seeing my favourite area group *Trickbag a few tymes now, and having casually met the DeFelices a couple weeks ago, ALL the other acts will be new to me/us. Actually, soon as I finish this, we’ll toss a couple lawn chairs in the Equinbox, and point it downtown….unless! Everything is outdoors today, and following what was a beautiful sunny morning in Brant’s Ford I’m not at all liking the looks of a very dark/threatening sky. And Miz. Jo said TWC is talking about rain. Lets hope for the sake of Frankie D and organizers it clears off….for the 12th Annual….and our 1st! *Update* Monday 8:00 AM…the rain held off….the sun came out….I tossed two lawn chairs in the back of Edna The Equinox, found my way down to my pre-arranged secret/no charge parking spot (not 100 feet from the two stages) and Jo Ann and yours truly saw/heard TWO great, live bands. Looking forward to the 13th Annual!!!

Garden Update
Well, our patch….one of seven plots in our ‘veggie commune’ down in front of #575….is down to ‘carrots only’ as I pulled the last of the beets yesterday….tho there’s still carrots a-plenty. It’s been an ‘interesting/funn’ thing for Rotzy, notwithstanding the fact it’s much, much smaller than the size of gardens we’re accustomed to over the years….however, the common line is that yours truly loves to watch stuff grow. As to my fellow gardeners, they’re a mix of ‘over-exhuberant’ and ‘under-exhuberant’ and likely a 50-50 split. The young lady I spoke with down there yesterday works with her mom as to maintenance and harvesting and was one of the group to secure the land from Skyline for growing. Well, dont’cha know she ‘caught’ a veggie THIEF on Friday night ‘helping himself’ to anything he could get his hands on!….and she ‘confronted him’ right on he spot, politely at first, then she ‘dumped on him’ big tyme! She seemed to think he’s from the ‘other’ building here, and (in self defense) muttered something about ‘getting something for supper for me and my mother. From her tone, I rather doubt the ‘veggie vigilante’ will return to the scene of the crime!! We had heard early on there had been some tomatoes ‘went missing’ last year, and altho it’s not maybe as serious as horse thievery, it’s pretty low down to steal a man’s/woman’s food….you think?

*Thought Of The Day…If nothing ever sticks to Teflon*, how do they make Teflon* stick to the pan?

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