From NAKINA...: Sept. 9

Rotzy, suffering the stress of relocation unconscious from hearing too much corporate Muzak which he has been forced to listen to while making all those phone calls that moving entails.

Mantovani, Percy Faith….don’t these companies have taste? Where’s Roger Miller, Perry Como, Lawrence Welk and Mitch Miller?

The ‘Purge-A-Thon’….
….continues here at 153 Hwy #584 like there’s no tomorrow, tho there always is.  A ‘tomorrow’ that is. And just when Miz. Jo and yours truly think we’ve finally rid ourselves of everything we don’t want/need to haul to BRANTford, Rotzy’s off to the dump with yet another load in Norm The Truck. Like last week when we finally opened the antique wooden trunk that is likely to serve as our coffee table in our new digs. A couple rather ugly dolls that belong/belonged to Jo Ann, some of her TGH Nursing stuff, my 1961-62 High School yearbook, olde scrapbooks and my 65 yr old four compartment/metal coin bank…..all of which, along with other ‘stuff’, landed in the Nakina landfill site. Not to mention Rotzy’s ‘long-lost’ coin collection….two or three bags weighing nearly ten lbs, which did NOT do the drive to the dump, because I’m not as dumb as I look. We both also ‘re-found and retained’ our ‘personal’ Bibles. In spite of having set well over 200 books on the edge of the pit….for others to glance through….one does NOT include the written word of God amongst them! Having said that, I/we hope the Purge-A-Thon (*see below) is drawing to an end….sooner than later!!

Borrowing on a line from David Bowie, that’s what last week was about….aside from ‘The Purge-Thon’ (*see above)….’Changes’ as in Change Of Address. Anybody and everybody we get regular bills from….Greenstone to Hydro to Bell, and everybody in between, as well as a number of cancellations for things we’re not gonna need anymore. Anyway, they have ALL been notified….I THINK….including a forwarding address at The Nakina Post Office….for those we might have missed. I’ll tell you one thing, if Jo Ann and Rotzy had a ‘toonie’ for every minute we spent ‘on hold’ last week, we’d surely have enough to cover our Tall Boy and Grape purchases until we head south! Whilst listening to some of the worst ‘elevator music’ imaginable!! Methinks it was/is a coin-toss between Ma Bell and Reliance (water heater rental) as to whom had the worst ‘playlist’. I’m pretty sure I had O/D’d on Percy Faith’s Orchestra tho Mantovani was a close second…and I’m definitely sure any of the readership who are under 70 won’t know who in hell I’m talking about!! Of course, with my ongoing ‘neck issues’ it wasn’t/isn’t much fun holding the fone against my pumpkin for that length of tyme. But hey….I/we are all done with that stuff. I THINK.

 #116 Spaghetti Dinner
I know of the Legion’s upcoming Dinner, tho I’m just gonna ‘wing it’ here as I don’t have the actual printed info at hand. It’s happening Saturday, Sept 22nd at The Wm Grant Branch #116 RCL….Northern Ontario’s BEST Spag Sauce…..Salads, Rolls, Desserts galore….starting at 5:30 PM and *Take Out Available (bring containers). Same low prices as always with Kids Under 4 eating free/gratis! Support your Nakina Legion and enjoy a great meal!!

Readers Write
I guess I/we could say this one applies to those who may be called ‘skeptics’ and/or even them who don’t like the lyrics to Louis Armstrong’s song “What A Wonderful World”. Check it out: “We live on a blue planet that circles around a ball of fire next to a moon that moves the sea, and you don’t believe in miracles”??!! (thx p.t.)

It’s Sunday, Sept 9th….10:30 AM….
….as I write this week’s column. All quite ‘normal’ as things go. Or ‘routine’ if you will. Well, Miz. Jo and Rotzy are going to do something this afternoon that we don’t do….’normally’. In fact, it’s been three years plus since we’ve done it (*see below). I don’t know what it is you’re thinking at this point, so I’ll put your mind at ease. We’re not having supper here tonite….just the two of us, by ourselves, as has been the case for well over three years. (*see above) We’ve had an invite out for supper….or should I say dinner?….from a couple friends….and we’ve accepted. No big deal, right? Well, I hope not. But I digress….not only have we not been invited out to dine….we haven’t had anyone join us here at “F/N” HQ. Nor have we attended any Dinners at The Legion (tho we supply Rotzy’s Cole Slaw on a fairly regular basis), the Xmas Dinners or monthly Pot Lucks at The Nakina Senior Sunrisers as well as any number of meals at the Schools or Breakfasts at The Complex. “Why?”….or more correctly “Why Not?” you might ask. Well, firstly just let me say that ‘Miz. Jo doesn’t eat much’….and I’ll qualify that as an understatement….’that’s just her’, OK? But that’s not Rotzy….as she has said to me for years now….”I (her) eat to live, you (me) live to eat”. True. However, altho I learned proper manners from my Mom and Dad, with my ‘neck issues’ and ‘poorly functioning hands’, and cetera, it is obviously not fun watching Rotzy trying to get grub into my pie hole, if you know what I’m saying. I’m sure I spill/drop/drool more food than my wife eats….hence, I have chosen not to embarrass her, me or whoever might be hosting a meal. So….SO….if this sounds/reads like a ‘confessional’, it’s not. Nor was/is it intended to be. It is what it is. Bottom line is that I do nearly all our cooking….and I’m pretty damn good at it. After all, Miz Jo taught me. As for our supper tonight….I mean dinner….I have told/warned our ‘hosts’ what they might have to witness, but couldn’t ‘scare them off’ so we’ll see how it plays out. Wish me/us luck….and stay tuned next week.

*Thought Of The Day…If you can’t convince them, confuse them. (Harry S. Truman)….
(* isn’t that what Trumpster is trying?)

“From Nakina”…until next tyme.



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