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The times they are ‘a changing.’

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Historical times?
We live in epic times, maybe the worst, maybe the best, a world in its worst turmoil and upheaval since WWII, the USA amid its most historical election ever. What makes it so special? The country has never been as divided and polarized in its history, a polarization many blame on Donald Trump. But Trump may just be a symptom or a product of the times, a reflection of his society.

Rolling Stone magazine contributor, Wade Davis, wrote an excellent commentary. A lengthy read, to be read slowly as it lays out its academic lesson of history ending with its ominous conclusion that the death of the American empire is imminent:

As Canadians, we should avoid becoming smug and complacent ourselves. Our political leaders are bent and warped though it is debatable as to how much, to what extent, arguably comparable to the USA.

These are historical times

The worst?

  • COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Economic recession/depression;
  • Mass and growing unemployment;
  • Incredibly deepening federal debt;
  • Festering systemic racism in our institutions, our country;
  • Global climate deprecation

The best?

  • Incredible and endless advances in technology, medicine and science;
  • Increased awareness and calls for political accountability;
  • Ever extending limits to Age limits;
  • More focus and demand for social equality;
  • Greater and increased demand for social inclusion of all people;
  • More attention and increased demand for positive government policies

Let’s all go to the EX!
You can still go to the EX, kind of. Aug 20 – Sept. 6. The EX shut down once before because of WWII. This year COVID-19 has tried to do in the ‘GRAND OLE LADY’ of the Lakeshore but failed. She is back on parade, on the grandstand, in the Food Court, just in a different way. She is virtual and you can visit safely. She is still a grand ole old lady…but in an updated costume!

Mayor Dave Ryan’s back
Fermo and I do a nightly walk in a really great neighbourhood, friendly, scenic, serene and safe. Invariably, we meet up with the mayor of the City of Pickering, Dave Ryan. He and his family, wife Anne, often accompanied by a Pied Piper trail of grandkids, with the family dog, Riley, tailing behind them all. We write this to underline how lucky some of us are, even during these pandemic times to live in great neighbourhoods and have approachable politicians who are down-to-earth community members. Dave Ryan is such a politician, back from his convalescence and hosting his first full council meeting in late August. Great to have you back Mr. Mayor!

[ Earlier this year, Mayor Ryan took a medical leave of absence when he was diagnosed with Interstitial Lung Disease. He had a lung transplant, taking five months in recovery. He is now in good health and has returned to his office. ]

We wish him continued good health and continued strong recovery.

is dedicated to adults 55+ and their better living. Our passion and interest in reading has opened an additional section on our site, BOOKz. If you’re a reader or even more significantly, if you’re a writer, we invite you to explore that section of the website where you will find book related material for everyone interested in books.

Meet the Author
We invite you to attend our Meet the Author” ZOOM presentations where we meet guest authors to discuss their work first hand.

Past presentations
We have met with several authors already:

Ginger KuenzelDowntown
If you do the cottage thing or live in a rural town, you will easily relate to Kuenzel’s book, small town living with a humorous face…every chapter makes you nod your head, laughing out loud in confirmation. Yup, that’s how life is in small towns and rural areas.


Cheryl Bristow  –  A Shield in the Shadows
Bristow’s work is in a very unique area, more serious, more epic, more historical. She writes about love in the dying days of the Roman empire. For those who enjoy history, especially history with a storyline, Bristow’s book is a ‘must read,’ edgingly suspenseful and emotionally taut.

Upcoming “Meet the Author presentation”
___________Oct. 14, 7 pm

Our next presentation will be with author Sheila E. Tucker whose memoir is about an abusive and oppressive upbringing. Tucker is more than a survivor. She has become an advocate of the abused and the emotionally/mentally challenged. A large portion of her book profits is donated to SAVIS, [Sexual Assault & Violence Intervention Services].

Sheila E. Tucker writes:

Front, author Sheila E. Tucker; back, SAVIS Fundraiser Shelagh Nuttall (left) and Executive Director Alma Arguello (right)

Rag Dolls and Rage: Why Did I Put Myself Through This?
Sheila E. Tucker

Am I a glutton for punishment? Well, no. No more than anyone else. So why, if the events in my book happened so long ago, did I want to open Pandora’s box?

The reason I began writing Rag Dolls and Rage ten years ago was my own need to “get it all out.” To make sense of my turbulent childhood. Memories suppressed for decades were demanding attention.

This first reason eventually turned into three.

The second being: to help others who were scarred by their early experiences and to provide their friends and family with greater insight into those events. This understanding comes in later chapters of my book chronicling visits to my discerning therapist. Some of these conversations are carefully documented. And fascinating, I promise you.

My third objective is to raise money for charity through sales of my memoir. I wanted something meaningful to come from my unhealthy early experiences.

And what that “something” is, is SAVIS (Sexual Abuse and Violence Intervention Services). I chose this organization to receive my donations because they do important work in the community. For instance, they have a 24-hour crisis line; accompany victims of abuse to courts or to hospital and visit schools and retirement homes to talk about rights and boundaries. Also, they advocate, supporting victims of human trafficking and conflicted teens, offering counselling and seminars.

I wish a service like SAVIS had been around when I was on the receiving end of repeated physical and verbal abuse. I could have benefited greatly from the counselling and assistance they provide. Today, there are boys and girls, women, and men, who are dealing with similar ongoing trauma. Thank goodness there is more recognition and help available. However, such organizations are often not adequately funded. SAVIS has an office and several full-time salaried professional workers, and they also have a vast array of volunteers who, for example, answer the crisis line and can speak to distressed people in multiple languages. SAVIS deserves our support.

To cut a long story short, writing my memoir turned out to be much bigger than therapy. It became a vision of how I could help others.

Many who have read my book have sent messages to me, and some gave me permission to add their comments to the News & Reviews tab on my site. Here are just a couple of my reviews:

Below is a link to a community event at which I represented SAVIS.

Note: You can purchase my book at Amazon for hard copies or Kindle e-book.  There is also a Kobo version. Or else from my site at Rag Dolls and Rage.

Another ZOOM author presentation

 Zoom presentation
 Unborn Movement
 Wed, Sept 2,  8 pm
   For ZOOM meeting credentials Email 

We have been associated with the Pickering Public Library for years as a volunteer, a technology instructor, and as a member of its community book clubs. We are most appreciative of the help and support we have received from so many library executives/staff: CEO Jackie Flowers, Kathy Williams, administrative exec., Jessica Trinier, community relations, PPL board chair Sarah Jeffrey and past CEO Cathy Grant.

These folks deserve a shout out as they have given and continue to give us support, advice and encouragement in our endeavours here.

The COVID pandemic closed the library for a while, but now it is re-establishing normal operations while using all the necessary precautions necessitated by COVID-19: face masks, appointed entry times, regulated numbers of patrons, regular cleaning and sanitization of work stations and user devices.

The library has reopened its main branch in early August and hopes to open the George Ashe Branch once the summer camps have concluded.



 Welcome to our newest patrons

Ruth Coghill, author
Ruth Coghill
is an international speaker, a published author and founder of the ministry, “Words To Inspire: Lifelong Empowerment From God’s Word.” Her passion has led her to develop the WOW Bible study series for the time-constrained woman.



LIVEWELL Pathway is a service organization that supports caregivers. Their services include homecare, clinical care, ageing in place support, transition services, and more. Their mission is to make lives of their clients easier and more manageable with the assistance of their various services.


A final shout out…
Our appreciation to the councillors, executives, and staff of the City of Pickering who have also given us much assistance and support in our publishing:

Councillor Dave Pickles, an avid reader who let us in on his favourite authors;
Councillor Maurice Brenner for support and advice relating to our community involvement;
Councillor Shaheen Butt for continually updating us with city news and events;
Staff administrator: Kim Bradley for her continuous link updates regarding city services:
City Staff: Amanda Rose for her continuous updates of programs and city services events:
City Staff: Andrea Dufresne for her assistance & support with technology instruction classes;

COVID-19 is still causing us all worry and stress. Though vaccine exploration and finding a pharmaceutical solution are the highest priority, the most optimistic outcome may be months ahead yet. Until then continue to wear a mask, stay distanced from people, avoid unnecessary contact with others unless absolutely necessary, and wash your hands like a surgeon, regularly and often. Be cautious to the extreme. COVID-19 is no laughing matter, nor an embarrassment. Nor is it a test of your legal rights or political independence. It’s a viral epidemic which is afflicting the entire world. So, take every precaution you can.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay distanced and wear a mask!


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