Sitting on the dark of the balcony…

We think we may label this post as “for the birds,” ya think?

Sitting Out On Our Balcony….
….recently here at 555 Harris Place, I’ve noticed a similarity to relaxing on our deck up at the little yellow house at #153 Hwy 584 in Nakina. A goodly number of large birds circling 150-200 ft overhead, especially in 2020 with our ‘extended’ summertyme temps in Brant’s Ford….27C today (Sunday Sept 27th). And tho Miz. Jo and I are not active members/count recorders for Bird Studies Canada anymore, we still enjoy watching and identifying/attempting to identify. It was easy up north, with (usually) a pair of bald eagles (maybe joined by a ‘juvenile’) soaring in wide circles whilst observing the ground below for what might become supper, and they often, willingly or unwillingly, ‘shared’ air space with a number of ravens, who, in spite of being smaller and with less wingspan, seemed intent on harassing the eagles. Well, a three day drive south from Nakina to Brantford (that’s what it was for Miz. Jo and Rotzy’s 2-car convoy in late Sept 2018) meant it’ll possibly be different bird species doing the soaring down here….and in our case, it was/is. In this immediate vicinity we’ve spotted a bald eagle now and then, but ravens seem to be quite scarce. (*I’m guessing they’re all hanging out at the Nakina dump site) On the other hand I’d never seen a vulture, nor the even uglier turkey vulture, at Nakina but we have spotted them enroute to The Big Turnip, aka T Bay, 4 hours south and west. Something occurred to yours truly last week as I looked out at 5 or 6 vultures (aka buzzards) all ‘cruising’ the same air space at the same tyme….with several gulls ‘keeping a safe distance’….and suddenly I remembered that circling buzzards (vultures) are often harbingers of death. Like in the western movies….a wagon train making its’ way through Death Valley. Well, here at this Skyline Living’s 3-building ‘compound’ at least 75% of us are oldsters, so a bunch of ‘buzzards’ are soaring over us, on what appears to be a daily basis. I’d best get in touch with our olde friend Brian Ratcliff, the Bird Column Man from The Chronicle/Journal in The Big Turnip. I’ll see what Brian thinks. Stay tuned.

A Busy Week….
….here in Unit #303 at 555 Harris Place as SIXTY of Miz. Jo’s Jo Bears*tm found a new home as Rotzy and Jo Ann tried to keep up the supply with the demand. She set a note on the table down in the Main Lobby asking ”Who needs a hug”?….to perhaps help young ‘uns (and oldsters alike) cope with this COVID mess we’re stuck with. The response….not surprisingly….was incredible, and it was the first tyme in ages we’ve done a ‘large giveaway’. Miz. Jo has knitted (literally) hundreds of Jo Bears*tm, most of them finding a home up north…..via the OPP, EMS, Victims Services, North of Superior Programs, TBRHSC Pediatric Ward, GDH, and cetera. Of course all of these services and others in/around Brantford are in the COVID-mode currently, however when it’s up to the individual….well, you just read the result. She is now concentrating on ‘Autumn-style’ Jo Bears*tm and has even turned out a few ‘Christmassy’ models. We’ll let y’all know where and when they’ll be available. But if you missed out last week and for some reason are desperate to get your hands on one, please ask. And thanks for the kind words!

Rotzy Is Current
    Methinks I wrote a piece on my trip to Service Ontario over in Paris, perhaps a month or so back, on what a pleasant experience it was, how the queues were/are very short, if/when there were/are any queues at all. My licence plate sticker was done, ditto for my driver’s licence and finally my new health card arrived by Canada Post on Wednesday past. I took my olde card outta my wallet to cut it up with the scissors and set it/them on my desk. Then I said (to myself) “Hey Toad, make sure you do the right one, they’re almost identical! You haven’t hardly aged/changed at all in the last five years”! “Really? Ya think”? ”Whoa back there pal….I didn’t say it’s ‘good’, so come to double check, because it appears you’re still looking for Ponce De Leon’s Fountain. Only thing I’d say is missing is a plaque hanging round your neck with your name, the date and a 6 or 7-digit Number on it”. Whatever. I DID check….in fact, I double checked….and I’m good until 2025!!

It Still Amazes Me
    ‘It’ being the number of deliveries that arrive here at #555 Harris Place’s front door. No, I’m not talking ’bout the companies that bring big and small parcels and boxes for the residents….the likes of FedEx, Canpar, UPS, Canada Post, and cetera. I mean the ones who bring food….fast food, slow food, eat in/take out, ready to eat/ready to heat it’s ALL delivered these days. Some companies have their own vehicles, like Domino Pizza, whilst others arrive by Uber and SKIP The Dishes. It lands at the front door….where methinks (since COVID) the food is paid for…. the rest comes via independents, individuals, taxis and cetera. The thing that amazes Rotzy is that there are no ‘clunkers’ pulling in here to unload….and 95% of ’em look like they just came from the car wash. Also, I’d say that perhaps up to 3/4 of the vehicles are what yours truly would call ‘high end models’. One car in particular stood out one night just before supper….directly below #303 sat a fire engine red Mercedes Benz convertible! New or nearly new! The top was up of course and doors locked….on the dashboard and the passenger seat were prescriptions and invoices galore!! Obviously delivering meds! Anyway, the ‘popular opinion’ on the question ‘how much do these delivery people earn’? was/is easy….’minimum wage’….sometymes adding ‘or less’. Go figure.

*Thought Of The Week…Don’t bother walking a mile in my shoes. Boring. Spend 30 seconds in my head, that’ll freak you right out.

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