So what was Florida to us?

So what was Florida to us?

Florida is

Sunny: almost every day even when it rains. The day may start with rain but sunshine eventually breaks out, almost as a rule. But it does rain, and when it does….it pours.

People: lots of people, everywhere, at every event, all over. And the majority are Seniors…it’s like a living old folks home, any where and every where you go…Grey hair, thinning hair, no hair…mine is whitening up nicely.

Oranges: yup, and they really are sweet, The state has the reputation for them, deservedly so.

Expensive: the state must believe if you made it to old age, you must also have money. Prices in Florida are too high…no justification for it…other than exploitation of those that are thought to have accumulated money by living long.

Speed: Florida is fast…fast driving, fast food, fast shopping, fast purchasing…but a wish for life to slow its fast pace.

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