In case of auto accident…

Auto accident?

Prepare yourself….

  1. Stay safe. Move to a safe location.
  2. In case of injuries, call 911
  3. If police are present, follow their instructions
  4. Phone your insurance company
  5. Move the vehicle only if it is safe to do so
  6. Get other driver’s information: name, address, phone, driver’s license number, license plate [ photograph what you can ]
  7. Request a tow truck but be towed to your designation
  8. Print the AUTO GLOVE BOX Form below and store it in your car.
  9. Prepare an accident kit for your car: jacket, gloves, water, basic first aid kit

Auto_Glove_Box Accident_Form


  2. DO NOT give out your personal information such as home address, home phone
  3. DO NOT allow photographs of your driver’s license, insurance information slip
  4. DO NOT give out your personal information to other people, other witnesses
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