The American election campaign will be ugly

The American presidential election of 2020 will be ugly, really ugly.

Trump could win
A few minor changes in the economy, in the quest for a vaccine and in his campaigning style, and Trump will eliminate the poll gap that presently exists between Biden and himself. Watch for the shift. When it comes, this campaign will become potentially catastrophic in its historical impact.

Biden is no shoe-in
So many nagging little things are nibbling away at the edges of Joe Biden’s run for the presidency. He’s not around much; the public appearances seem to be decreasing more and more as the weeks go by. He has no public responses or announcements when he should or he isn’t getting the mileage he should be getting out of any that he does make. He has yet to pick a running mate…is the delay another indicator of his fear and anxiety about whether his campaign strategy is solid? Or is he afraid he could destroy his poll lead by picking the wrong running mate?

The Democratic Party must feel like it is walking on eggshells. Where once “a ham sandwich could win an election against Trump” has now become “Joe remain on the deli shelf” ’cause coming down could doom us. The party isn’t promoting Biden as a champion, as a deliverer, as a saviour. They are just letting his sit in the backroom in hopes that Trump’s national situation will erode even more, that the poll supremacy presently in Biden’s hands will be consolidated by more bad news for the United States? Governors who should be shouting loudly and vociferously against Trump are squeaking out criticisms.

Change horses in midstream?
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, waging a great battle in the fight against COVID, is demonstrating his strong leadership characteristics, enough that even Trump is criticizing him and ridiculing him. When that happens, one knows Trump is afraid. Justifiably so. But the Dem Party may prove to be the “Dum” Party when they do not give Cuomo serious consideration. 

This is not the time to worry about saving face politically. This is the time to save the country, save people’s lives and perhaps save the face of the nation in the eyes of the rest of the world.

And Biden is not that electable. Click Biden 


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