LAST RESORT, Linwood Barclay

Took me back to my own cottage days in Parry Sound, summers of swimming, family, and fun.

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Linwood Barclay

I enjoyed this childhood memoir, although it was sad and humorous at the same time. Young Linwood at age 11 found himself helping out at the new resort his parents bought in Kawartha.  His teenage summers were spent there, where family circumstances, responsibilities and the regular interaction with tourists shaped his life. The tragedy of his brother and the death of his father coupled with an eccentric mother made a lasting impression on his very impressionable teenage years. His descriptions of the lakes, the surrounding hills and valleys transported me back to my carefree summer days an at our cottage on Deep Bay near Parry Sound.

The Last Resort is a humorous, entertaining but at times a tearful anecdote of coming of age of a young Linwood. He struggles and second-guesses himself time and time again of his own emotional turmoil and teenage angst. Emotions are so vivid and so meticulously described that the reader cannot help but be a cheerleader for him as he journeys through this segment of life.

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