(PART 6 of 6 ) Has your data been compromised?

Want to know if your data has been compromised?

If you want to verify whether or not your email address has been compromised, there is an Internet service which will identify emails in databases of companies which have been hacked. To see if your email address has been in a hacked database, click on the link:


You type in your email address in the box and press enter. If your email has been compromised, the message will display a “oh no – pwned” which means some internet companies who have your information have been hacked.

No need to panic as the hacked companies may have had ‘attacks’ but not necessarily successful ones, or not all of their data was compromised.

What you should do if you think you believe your data has been exposed
Change your passwords, all the passwords, you use and use strong passwords.

Consider using password security applications such as LASTPASS, 1PASSWORD, DASHLANE. Not only can they generate strong passwords for you automatically, but they can log you into accounts using encrypted passwords and they keep a record of passwords you have used in secure, encrypted vaults.

For more on passwords in other posts which we have published, type ‘password’ in the search box at the top of the front page.

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