Let’s return to the good old days: “Full-service gas stations”

The world of corporate oil needs to catch up with governments in providing appropriate service for handicapped drivers. SHELL Canada has.

SHELL Canada has an app called Fuel Service available at the App Store(be careful in entering the name, Apple uses ‘fuelService’ while Android uses ‘fuelService.’ There are a few easy steps to complete the app installation and users need to register to avoid abuse of the app. In either case, here is how the app works.

When you need gas, just tap on the icon on your smartphone. When it opens, a menu of choices will be displayed. Tap the “Find Petrol Stations” button and the phone’s GPS will list the stations near you. The subsequent prompts are easy to follow for you to notify the stations of your impending arrival and your need for assistance.

Tap on the station locator and within 30 seconds you’ll be told that a staff member will assist you when you arrive. They will fill your tank and ask if you want anything from the store before taking your credit card and completing the transaction.

As one handicapped driver said, “Shell has gone from being a good corporate citizen to a great one doing this.”

Now let’s hope and wait for the other oil companies to catch up with a similar service.

Source: Norris McDonald, Toronto Star

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