So what did ‘Wiarton Willie’ tell us?

 Wiarton Willie passed on last year after many years of spring arrival predictions. His confreres in Pennsylvania and New Brunswick shiver on with their prognostications but poor Wille does no more.

So what did the groundhog tell us? Long or short winter?

Valentine’s Day is coming.

Even though we should make each day special, for our significant other, don’t forget to make this day extra special. Chocolates? Jewelry? Dinner and a movie? All great ideas, but sometimes all that is needed is time together. Huddle on the couch while watching a romantic movie. Take a stroll around the neighbourhood while holding hands. Watch the stars at night together. If you are outside on a snowy winter day, maybe toss a snowball in their direction.

Tell them you love them with conviction, not just as a matter of fact.

Many years ago, before we were married, we went through an evening where comments were made during a TV show. My wife came out with a response to one of my comments with a reminder of something I had said about an old friend and his then-girlfriend. I had said that if he hasn’t proposed nor married her after two and a half tears, it may never happen.

The conversation then went something like this. “We have been together for quite some time. More than 2 ½ years.” “Guess we should get married then.” “Is that a proposal?” “I guess.” That year wedding plans were made and we were married in 2000.

For many years later, I have been reminded numerous times that back then it was not considered a proper proposal by her.

In 2011, for Valentine’s Day, we went to a very crowded Red Lobster restaurant for dinner. After being seated, I surprised my wife by getting down on one knee in the aisle. I opened a jewellery box, properly proposing to proclaim my continued love for her.

Here is the poem I wrote and read as my proclamation for her. I had it printed on parchment paper.

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue.
I have something
To say to you.

You caught my heart
The day we met.
That perfect smile,
I can’t forget.

The dress you wore,
Its colour Red.
A dance we had,
Was “Lady in Red”.

As time went by,
And late one night,
Some words were said,
Which is my plight.

Because you see,
You reminded me,
They were not said
On bended knee!

So now, my Love,
I do declare,
On bended knee,
The Love we share!

I propose to you,
In front of these,
My love for you
Shall never cease.

Darlene, will you continue to love me forevermore?
As I love you, yet even more.”

It’s never too late to proclaim your Love, again and again.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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