JUST MY OPINION...: Did ya hear the one about the Snowbirds who turned into pixies living a fairy-tale life in Florida?

Snowbirds fly away for warmth, climate change and sunshine.

Eva is among the fairy-tale flock who get away to bask in the
Florida sunshine and live in the Floridian style…being outdoors a lot, wearing sandals, shorts and a T all day, and putting around on a plush green grass golf course or sitting back sipping Florida sunshine in a glass

Share her pleasant interlude of a winter getaway.

A couple of Snow birds….
…..an opinion piece

We joined the long trek of snow birds driving south for some serious pursuit of Vitamin D. After two days of clear sailing through 2 seasons and 5 states, we arrived in the land of sunshine and guns. The billboards along the highway attest to the gun culture of the state, indeed of the country. Every year, for two months, it becomes our reality too, as we live in the same environment. That is very hard to ignore.

For many years now, we wanted to escape the freezing, snowy winters in Toronto. This year, as before, we arrived to warm temperatures, bright sunshine and tropical rainfall. We stay in a resort close to Orlando with all the amenities one can imagine. The population of this resort is varied. There are young families, families with older children, middle-aged couples, and of course, young seniors. It is, most certainly, a good mix of families, ages and interests. One can be as busy as one wishes to be, or as laid back, as one wishes to be. Outside the resort, one can golf, shop or visit the numerous theme parks, or enjoy being creative in Legoland. Personally, that is my favourite outing.


On site, one can play tennis, enter ping-pong contests, enjoy playing shuffleboard, swim or workout in the gym. In the evenings movies are played in the theatre complete with popcorn and drinks. Admission is free, of course. If one is not the sporty type, there are art classes, trivia team play, or board games to be enjoyed. There is no shortage of things to do, to see, to experience in the Sunshine State. There are so many socials designed to interact with very interesting, chatty and stimulating people. Random discussions with people around the pool is a “global” education in itself.

Most certainly snow birds who make the trek every winter, stay active, connected and have fun while doing it bask in the sunshine of the good life in the glorious sunshine of Florida.

…and the magical life continues….



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