DISCUSSIONS: 5- (June 16) Should Comey consider charging Trump?

Now here’s an interesting twist inspired by a related CBC show about workplace harassment.

Perhaps Comey should give it a thought?

If former FBI Director James Comey felt undo pressure or excessive pressure being put on him to perform a task in his work which he felt was unethical or even outright criminal. then perhaps Comey should consider charging Trump with workplace harassment?

The harassment has no gender relevance and maybe no physical force relevance either, but it is pressure or force to make the employee do something which the employee feels should not be done. Perhaps it is not part of his job description; perhaps it is not part of the employee’s ethical makeup; perhaps it violates the employee’s value system which was in sync with that of the job responsibilities he undertook when he was hired.

If Comey feels there is some workplace violation here, he may want to consider legal recourse.

What do you think?

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