Coping with arthritis

Arthritis: it may be in the genes; it may be a factor of old age. No matter the source of the malady can have varying degrees of debilitation for the person suffering the affliction.

I began experiencing problems with my back about 5 years ago, straining it by lifting a heavy object, which I should not have lifted alone. The foibles of youth. I thought it was manageable. The next day, back pain. The pain lasted but a few days but the back seemed to have been weakened and was now very susceptible to injury thereafter. Anytime I lifted something of noticeable weight, we are talking something about the weight of a kitchen chair or slightly more, the next day noticeable pain until the pain no longer disappeared.

Xrays and a diagnosis by my family doctor confirmed arthritis.

I am fortunate. After trying various pain medications, Tylenol seemed to be the best at reducing the pain to a level where it was barely noticeable and having the least side effects or risks associated with such pain medications. The pharmacist confirmed Tylenol was a good medication for managing arthritic pain. Now, I live with 2 extra-strength pills at breakfast to manage the pain throughout the day, and two more just before bedtime to help me through most of the night. 

Recently, I found the daytime dosage was not as effective as it once was. The pain was quite noticeable when Fermo and I went for our daily walk which was becoming shorter and shorter as the pain became more and more evident. 

Finally, I reverted to some therapy that had worked for me in the past, massage therapy.

Christine Stiles is a registered masseuse working at the Abbey Lane Massage Clinic in Scarborough, bordering Pickering. A young professional therapist who defies her appearance. She looks gentle and mild but has hands of steel, muscled in a way that an Olympic wrestler would envy. A session with Stiles leaves one thinking the massage has bruised and broken one’s back. The next day, nearly the same feeling but as that second day progresses, the real effects of the massage begin to take hold. Relief, incredible easing from the pain, nearly 100%. Tylenol on steroids.

The massage works. It reduces the pain to near negligible levels, almost to non-existence. The added benefit is that it is totally physical, with no medication, no chemicals. Stiles massages the appropriate parts of the body to alleviate the pain and incredibly, it works. really well. I can walk with Fermo without any pain. I can climb stairs with barely any noticeable pain at all. In short, it is a working solution for me and the added benefit is that I am not adding to my medications or chemical intake.

Anyone suffering muscle aches and pains should first see their family doctor where they discuss massage as a possible treatment. It is a non-chemical, natural treatment which means less toxicity for your body.

Try a session. Meet with Stiles who will discuss treatment, expectations and potential benefits. You have nothing to lose, except pain.

[ A little note, Stiles is often in session and may not respond to messages. Hence, one should wait until super-efficient office manager Cathy answers. She will ensure your message is dealt with efficiently and as needed. Thank goodness Abbey Chiropractic has her, along with Stiles. ]
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