TIP # 10 – Create something

Creativity works the brain and the memory, exercising them, making them ‘flex,’ ‘stretch’ and ‘become active.’

Flex your memory, stretch your brain. Activate both by doing something creative.

Lapin sauté

Try doing something creative to activate your memory and your brain. Take a painting class; a sculpting class, woodcarving, pottery, ceramics, knitting, quilting, sewing.

Your local community likely offers courses that depend on use of your creative spirit which works your memory and your brain.

Be positive, not perfect! Be your own best friend and actively congratulate yourself on doing something creative. You may not be a Picasso, a Rembrandt, a Rodin or a Michaelangleo…but then, nobody else is you!

Simple do something creative and your memory and brain will join in the activity. You will all enjoy it and the partnered participation, you, your memory and your brain, will all benefit. And who knows you might even get the opportunity of showcasing your work somewhere…’ya never know!’

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