2020 – Lend Me A Tenor

Englewood has a lively and very active theatre, the Lemon Bay Playhouse. Every performance, sold out as they should be based on the performance we attended.

“Lend Me A Tenor” is the work of Ken Ludwig, earning him two Tony Awards. The comedy is set in a 1934 Cleveland hotel suite where the cast of players portray theatre participants who are to produce a performance starring a world famous Italian tenor.

Every one of the cast members performed their role with gusto and vigour but the standout may have been Newell Nathan Nichols, the impresario responsible for the production. His problem develops with the Italian tenor becoming too ill to perform. So ill, he is thought to be dead. The play takes flight from this moment on.

The director and cast

Director Tom Erb

Jim Litwin (Max)

Christina Dickerson (Maggie)

Newell Nathan Nichols (Saunders)

Jim Parise (Tito)

Kathleen Gallagher (Maria)

N. Chancy Bolo (Bellhop)

Linda Hawk (Diana)

Terry Williams (Julia)

From the raucous laughter, the audience showed they really enjoyed the comedy and based on how well this play was received, there is no doubt the Lemon Bay theatre will draw much support from locals and snowbirds alike.

Bravo to all of the cast.

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