2020 – Ghost towns…people hunkered down

coronaSouthwest Florida, Venice, Sarasota, Port Charlotte, Englewood, all becoming ghost towns. Traffic, if any exists, is absolutely minimal.

Plans to spend a final day at the dog beach got waylaid. All the beaches in south Florida have been shut down, lock up, closed. We had hoped the dog beach might get a day’s grace. We were mistaken. Florida is almost completely shut down for business. Travellers are hunkered down if they aren’t headed for home. 

Gas stations are still operating but when self serving gas, it is recommended to either wear gloves or a plastic bag as a protective shield. An interesting endeavour trying to process a credit card and pump gas using a plastic bag enclosed hand. But the danger is real. Most people acknowledge it. Young people, not so much. Somehow they act as if they are mortality-free. The virus illness will shock them into reality when and if they become contaminated. To each their own.

Incredibly, there are people who declare this is some kind of hoax, another example of ‘fake new.’ We wish!

Trump supporters vary. Old stalwart supporters are finally seeing the light, that their president lacks the leadership capability, skills and common sense in a time of national crisis and emergency. He continues to confirm his leadership incapabilities: appointing VP Pence has his Coronavirus point-man. Pence has no expertise in this area at all; he graduated from law school and practiced it for two years, then turning to radio work for a dozen years. No technological skills, no medical training…but he is a sycophantic supporter of the president.

The corona virus is a horrendous medical problem, a pandemic. Many people are recognizing this and acting accordingly.

Just a few scenes of what is happening in the south of Florida:

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