REG amuses...: “Shoot first, ask later,” growing trend in Canada, sadly

Gun violence is spilling over into Canada and becoming an increasingly serious problem in many of our big cities.

I have developed an attitude re the US similar to your issues with Mexico.
As you may remember we would drive from Hamilton to Ajijic and I was 
most uncomfortable passing thru the SW of the US and felt relieved/relaxed 
once we were south of the border and guns were no longer displayed in the
passing pickup trucks.
The biggest CRISIS in the USA is GUN VIOLENCE, not border security.
The homegrown murder rate in many US cities exceeds that of all of MEXICO.
In Mexico, the violence is predominately between the cartels while in the US
oftentimes innocents are the victims of RANDOM shootings.
“Violence begets violence”. We have seen this in the US military interference
around the world  (eg Honduras, Nicaragua, Iraq, …..).
We have always found the Mexican people warm and welcoming unlike
many Americans.
The US has been unable to improve HEALTH CARE for the masses, revise and 
upgrade immigration laws, institute decent gun laws and controls, solve the
DACA issue, etc., mainly because of various LOONIES interpreting the Constitution
for their own agenda.
That anyone should support an IDIOT who says he would be PROUD to shut 
down the Government and allow 800K folks to go without pay is also of
questionable mental capacity.
They do not seem to remember what it means to a Republican or a Democrat.
They think that the other side is evil while they have little grasp of what the
real issues are.
Hurry up, Mueller. We have to start making steps toward cleaning up this mess
and getting back to HONESTY and DECENCY!
Also, I want to get back to talking about the GOOD things in life and not have to
feel frustrated and passionate about that which I have no influence.
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