JUST MY OPINION...: Book clubs – more than just reading

Not joining the SNOW BIRDS this year?

Beat the winter blash by joing a Book Clubs instead.

The winter months can be brutally cold, snowy, windy and lonely. A dog and a good book by a blazing fire in the fireplace may be the best things to relieve the winter blahs. But there are also times when one wants the company of like-minded people to commiserate over the books that we read, to discuss various authors, different topics and diverse genres in your readings. Consequently, a Book Club may be an ideal place for meeting like minded curious minds and dedicated readers.

I belong to a very interesting, highly spirited and chatty Book Club. Twelve women, former colleagues now retired, form this dynamic and energetic group. We do not exclude male membership in any way but thus far none has joined us up. The Book Club was created mainly to keep in touch with one another, dabble in current events and to discuss future events in our daily lives. The discussions are lively, the books very enjoyable. The club is an unexpected opportunity for each of us to do what we love to do when we have the free time to do it. Our brains are actively engaged; the discussions develop new ideas and new perspectives. The book club is a golden opportunity for questions, analysis of story plots and book dissection and new title/topic considerations for subsequent meetings. A significant and highly valued benefit of the book club meetings is the continued social contacts with one another.

Each member hosts a meeting each month. Hot and cold refreshments, along with finger foods, add to the inherent conviviality and congeniality of the meetings. Friendships, respect and collegiality are developed and invigorated with each meeting who eagerly awaits the next meeting.

The meetings end with every member departing on a positive and high note, diminishing the blahs of winter.

Experts and researchers tout the merits of social interactions and connections. We concur! When we don’t meet, a hint of anxiety creeps in, physical and mental. Membership in a Book Club certainly and regular attendance there certainly helps alleviate those stresses.

The Pickering the Public Library has a number of book clubs who meet regularly at the main library and the George Ashe branch of the library. The library also has information on how to establish and operate Book Clubs.

A few Book Clubs of interest:

* Pickering Public Library Book Clubs: PPL BOOKS CLUBS

Four Clubs and their contacts
                   G.A.L. Book Club (Mon, 7pm): richardszpin@gmail.com
G.A.L. Book Club (Thu 7pm): mpaulamac@gmail.com
G.A.L. Book Club (Mon 2pm): g.aziz@rogers.net
Central Bk Club (Tue 7pm): heather6stuart@gmail.com

*Toronto Ladies Book Club
*Durham’s Positive and Strong Women’s Book Club
* The Unbook Club

Book Clubs are a fabulous way to keep connected, to stimulate cognitive abilities and to banish the winter blahs.

Join one soon!


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