KUDOS: Pickering Library continues its winning ways!

 Excellence recognized in Pickering and it never stops.

Pickering Library wins Ontario Ministry of Culture Award for Innovation

Jana Baca, Usha Siva, Christ Harper, Tanya Sinclair, Cathy Grant, Doug Mirams, Deputy Minister Nancy Matthews, Sabrina Yung.

In January 2019, Pickering Public Library won the 2019 Minister’s Award for Innovation at the annual Ontario Library Association Super Conference awards gala held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Library management and Board members were present to accept the award.

The Ontario Public Library Service Awards are available through the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. The awards identify and promote creative public library service ideas. There are two types of awards each with categories for large, medium, and small libraries:

  • The Minister’s Award for Innovation recognizes successful new approaches that demonstrate a positive impact in a community and are of continued value to public libraries.
  • The Angus Mowat Award of Excellence recognizes a commitment to excellence in the delivery of public library service; these services can be old or new and can be ongoing.

Pickering Public Library Connect had a significant impact on residents showcasing the public library as an essential partner in bridging the digital divide in the community. By providing equitable and convenient access to internet resources and technology training the library helps ensure that all members of the City of Pickering can effectively participate in a 21st century economy.

Tanya Sinclair
CEO, Chief Engagement Officer
Pickering Public Library

Pickering Public Library is an award-winning library serving 91,000 City of Pickering residents across 31,000 households with over 41,000 active library card accounts. Operating under the guidance of a Board of Directors, the library is primarily funded through municipal contributions and is comprised of three locations that provide excellence in client experience.

The Library strives to create a connected, intelligent and successful community through innovative technology, programs, outreach, collections and services for all residents.

Staffed by over 60 permanent employees who are committed to making a difference within the community, the library lends almost 1 million items, receives over 515,000 visits, delivers programs and events for almost 28,000 attendees, provides over 33,000 research and technology assists, and provides almost 1.7 million internet sessions each year.

Pickering Public Library’s Vision:

Pickering is a city where learning is promoted in all its forms and promoted as a force for improved personal, social, civic, and economic change. The Library is the heart of the learning city.

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