From NAKINA...: Feb. 3 – Ford shot down, Philip stop driving

 Rotzy must be having visions of Fort Lauderdale, a conflagaration of oldsters, everywhere. Read his comments about a nmber of famous oldsters: Hazel McCallion, Prince Philip…and with apologies, Rotzy.

Dougie Got Shot Down
A couple weeks back Premier Doug Ford was all over the news with an announcement that Hazel McCallion had been appointed as a ‘special advisor’ to the Ontario Government, dealing with a wide variety of subjects. It seems Dougie wanted to capitalize on the knowledge, experience and wisdom of the 98 year old former Mayor of Mississauga and apply it to the wider, provincial scenario. Also, the newly-created position carried a salary of $150,000….which most folks wouldn’t see as excessive. Not sure what Ford was thinking….or IF he was thinking? Perhaps that Hazel would jump at the opportunity? Maybe she’d be thrilled to be working alongside Dougie at Queens Park? Whatever. One thing is very clear…the Preem coulda/shouda asked first, because last week Hurricane Hazel basically said ”No thanks, Mr Premier, I don’t have the tyme”. Apparently she still regularly serves on 7 or 8 various boards. Jeez Doug….maybe there’re some old Toronto mayors kicking around?! Not ‘Eggs….he’s in the senate.

”Blinded By The Light”
….was a big hit record in 1972, written by Bruce Springsteen and recorded by Manfred Mann. More recently….like last week….it became the excuse for a rather serious motor vehicle accident over in London England, where an auto driven by a Phil Mountbatten collided heavily with one driven by a woman who was transporting a young baby in the back….her vehicle was flipped, she was taken to hospital, tho the child was unhurt. Mountbatten, who’s driver’s licence says he’s 97, was enroute from Buckingham to Sandringham….Palace, that is….or was he going the other way? No matter….suddenly he couldn’t see where he was going, ‘blinded by the light!’, as it were. Yes, that’s what Prince Philip told the Bobbies/Police/Scotland or whomever it was who ‘investigated’, as it were. Well, no charges were laid….surprise, surprise….AND Philip has apologized to all concerned. Also, I would hope that Phil’s insurance (Lloyds Of London?) would cover the costs to fix the lady and her auto. I saw a hilarious cartoon last week which sort of ties in with the above… seems to be an actual photograph….Philip pulls up in his vehicle with his window down beside Queen Elizabeth, who is wearing a fall coat and a kerchief on her head and Phil says “Fancy a lift, Betty”? Elizabeth replies (in a very UN-queen-like manner) ” **** *** !!! I’ll walk”!!!Well, the way the Prince looked in that photo, Rotzy would echo the Queen’s thinking…tho I somewhat doubt that scenario is ever gonna unfold in this lifetyme. Still, I’d like to try the ‘apology thing’ rather than go to court for Careless Driving or Speeding! You think?

Word Of The Week
Haven’t featured a W.O.T.W. for some tyme, but the one that popped up this morning on my ASUS*tm PC seemed to fit right in with the two topics I had already chosen and done the workup on (*see above), so without further adieu, the W.O.T.W. for the February 6th Edition of COOKz, BOOKz, and NOOKz is ”SENESCENCE”….the state of being or becoming old”. Hey, Rotzy and Miz. Jo know it’s all around us here at Harris Place….as I’ve indicated in this space before, 80% of them/us here in our building ARE olde. And we’re all around the area/city….driving too slowly on the roads….taking forever to park, and unpark our SUV’s….and we’re really messing things up in grocery stores, blocking aisles with our carts all over the place as we look for the absolute best deal on tomatoes and/or bananas! I can’t afford ‘organic’…..OK, OK, OK…..I lied. I WON’T buy organic, but that’s just me. And when we oldsters get to the check out, well anything pretty much goes. Like, the way my paws (hands) function/don’t function I can hold up a line for ages, simply whilst trying to retrieve my debit card from my wallett….and going after my air miles card at the In And Out Store can be/really is maddening. Of course when “TAP” doesn’t work and the machine tells me ”Please Insert Card”, well good luck. So….SO….we’re here…..and we’re trying….yes, sometymes ‘very trying’….but as a long-tyme friend might now say ”senescence’ beats the alternative”. Bingo!!

*Thought Of The Week:  (re S. Ontario’s recent icy blast….aka ‘Polar Vortex’ “On a positive note I haven’t seen a mosquito in weeks.” (from a reader with a sense of humour)

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