TV: TELEVISION today is not your old time regular weekly viewing

Rose Rollins,  from the series, The CATCH

TV is really changing, in ways that are attuned to the INTERNET and digital world.

TV series no longer consist of one hour, self contained episodes. That’ so passe. Today’s shows more often than not are groups of 2, 3 or even more episodes coming sometimes weekly, sometimes sporadically. It can make TV watching a bit distressing. It’s like watching a TV daytime soap, miss the introductory episode and you won’t know the characters. Miss a later episode and you may be lost in the story. Miss the final episode, and you may not come close to guessing the show’s outcome. Additionally, you may be surprised when you tune in the next week to find that the series is not on for that week, maybe not even the next few weeks. You’ll be hard pressed to find when it’s on again. It can be very distressing and disconerting to old time tv watchers.

I have a few favourites in this new fashion of “sporadic series” watching. Some may have already had their season’s run as TV series. One cannot even expect these new  ‘mini series’ to have predictable runs at all.







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