EDITORIAL: You don’t surf the web? Miss the boat, miss the trip!

Most older adults value each day more than we might assume. They are aware of the brevity of life and so they treasure each day as if it were a jewel in a royal crown. However, some of these same people are missing the boat, missing great trips of exploration which they could or should take. 

TV is really very limiting, narrow in scope, limited in views and material. Sports enthusiasts should be commended for seeing those events as luck of the draw, fate controlled, chance determined by no one other than ‘lady luck’ given competitors of equal calibre. The Internet, however, is the wild wild west of chance and opportunity. The web offers every participant opportunities of exploring ever-expanding worlds of knowledge and information. History…pick a path; medicine and science, open your topic; transportation and travel, the portals are endless; gaming and mental gymnastics, Olympic ranked infinity. The web is so vast, it is a sad loss for anyone who does not explore it a little bit each day.

Without a doubt, actual contact and socialization with contemporaries is beyond description in value. The richness of the social exchanges is of phenomenal benefit to those who participate in it. However, some older adults are restricted physically, environmentally and maybe even psychologically and thereby cannot socialize in the ways seen as the norm. For these folks, the web is the answer. The web opens doors and windows to so much, limited only by personal imagination. 

If you do not surf the web, you are missing an incredible trip. Destinations that are hard to imagine, journey ends of which you would never have dreamed. If you fear the web and trekking there, find a guru/guide to help you get started. It will unleash your mental tiger!


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