EDITORIAL: Why society should fear TRUMP .

All the experts were wrong.
Now they are looking at things wrong, again.

I am very frightened. You should be too.
Here’s why….

Too many ‘experts,’ ‘political pundits,’ ‘political elite’ are focused on the wrong thing. They focus on TRUMP suggesting we take a “wait and see” attitude or worse, they bury their heads in the sand saying things will work out because there are restraints, restrictions, that saner heads will prevail and that they exist already.

Stop it! Stop it ! Stop focusing on Trump and focus on the conditions in our society which were the fertile ground in which TRUMPISM grew. What are we failing to do? What are we doing wrong? Where have we erred, thereby creating the conditions for a Trump to rise?

I don’t want to focus on TRUMP and TRUMPISM.  That leopard will not change his spots and it there is no value in analyzing the damned spots.

I need hope! I need a foundation! I need something to hang on to, to believe in which is positive and affirmative. The recent American election frightens me. It confirms my view society is very troubled. Look at all the maladies: polarization, marginalization, racism, misogyny, sexism, genderism, ageism, xenophobia. We profess our belief and conviction to higher principles, higher standards, greater morality. Where did we veer off course? Our society does not reflect those principles if a Trump can be elected. 

More importantly, what can we do about it? Let’s find the concrete positives which still exist in our society. Let’s reinforce what works and begin real repair of what is failing. Let’s find the positive in TRUMP which is that it is a wake-up call to the world. We have failed so many. We must find solutions, better strategies to rebuild our world; to save those who are being failed; to raise the downtrodden, and to heal the afflicted. TRUMP‘s victory confirms our failures; we are not doing enough right things or we are not doing enought things right.

Instead of criticizing and pointing out TRUMP‘s true spots, as grievous as they are, let’s focus on the positive things we can do to correct the problems and change the conditions that have allowed TRUMPISM to grow, fester and pollute the good we once surely had.

I invite site visitors to leave an opinion about what we can do to contribute to cure the malignancy which grows among us. We need help to rise above what Trump represents, to restore and develop our faith in what is positive, productive and principled in our society and that which we can use to keep our society on an even course of positive principles and principled positives.


  1. Write an opinion to help inspire and motivate all of us into living positive lives where we support each other, believe in real equality regardless of race, colour, gender or physical/intellectual limitations.

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