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2016-11-29_13h53_26 It’s the time of year to remember
those who are too easily forgotten…                                        _______2016-11-29_14h21_22


This is the time of the year when every home baker pulls out all the stops and starts baking the many cookies they need to show their love for all their family and friends.

You can bake a very special recipe, one passed down through the generations. It’s a recipe for making time cookies,’  special cookies made in your Christmas kitchen for sharing with people who need a little lovin’, a little carin’ and a bit of huggin’ at this time of the year.

Loneliness is depressing anytime but it’s worse at Christmas time. It’s particularly bad when you’re old, alone and not in the best of health.

The folks in the above situation need you. They also need this kind of baking which you can do in your Christmas kitchen. The ingredients come from deep inside, so take a few moments to hunt for these ingredients within yourself. Get the everything out and ready to start bakin’.

You’ll be making Christmas a bit warmer for some folks who really need these special cookies of love.

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Christmas cookies
for special people

2 cups flower: flowers always brighten the gloom  of any surroundings

1 cup sugar:    to sweeten the bitterness of some situations

1 tsp vanilla:    to flavour their souls and spark spirits at a time when this is very needed by some people

1 egg:              it renews life and starts life all over again in any recipe

Cinnamon:     just a sprinkle as everyone wants a little ‘cin’ in their life

¼ tsp all spice: everyone’s life needs some, don’t ya think?

Combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and fold very gently, just like hugging a person who needs it. Not too firm, not too hard, but firm and hard enough so the huggee knows the hugger is one who cares.

Roll out the dough on to a a sheet. They may need a bit of prodding with the rolling pin to get them thinking more positively. So roll firmly but not too hard so they are encouraged to rise to the season.

Preheat the oven to 416 or 905 (celsius)
Check your phone contacts and warm up the phone for calling. Dial the person who needs your ‘time’ cookie and chat
with them for 15 mins or so. Don’t worry about cooking longer; these cookies just get better the longer you cook them.


My sincerest best of the season to each of you and to your families!

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