EDITORIAL: Your HYDRO BILL….outrageous sticker SHOCK ?

2016-12-04_08h40_22Shocked by your hydro cost?

How have you been affected by the increased rates charged by Ontario Hydro?

2016-12-04_08h38_28My hydro rate increased by 50%

This hydro increase is absolutely incredible! A single digit increase maybe can be justified. Maybe even a low double digit increase given these times of rising costs. But 50%????  I’m writing my MP for starters!

But I would like to hear from you regarding your hydro bill. Do you feel the increase you must pay is justifiable? Or are you shocked by the increase?

How much has your rate changed; before and after rates? 

  1. Email me your rate changes and your comment about the increase to richardszpin@gmail.com
  2. Describe your RATES change with a comment in the “Comment” section of this web post.

We will be heard !


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