EDITORIAL: Your HYDRO BILL….outrageous sticker SHOCK ?

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2016-12-04_08h40_22Shocked by your hydro cost?

How have you been affected by the increased rates charged by Ontario Hydro?

2016-12-04_08h38_28My hydro rate increased by 50%

This hydro increase is absolutely incredible! A single digit increase maybe can be justified. Maybe even a low double digit increase given these times of rising costs. But 50%????  I’m writing my MP for starters!

But I would like to hear from you regarding your hydro bill. Do you feel the increase you must pay is justifiable? Or are you shocked by the increase?

How much has your rate changed; before and after rates? 

  1. Email me your rate changes and your comment about the increase to richardszpin@gmail.com
  2. Describe your RATES change with a comment in the “Comment” section of this web post.

We will be heard !


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6 Responses to EDITORIAL: Your HYDRO BILL….outrageous sticker SHOCK ?

  1. admin says:

    From E.G.,
    “My last two bills were about 30% higher than normal. At the risk of putting words into mouths of those responsible, I will suggest that privatization of much of Hydro 1 is partly responsible. Stockholders do not invest to make NO RETURN. I also recall mention of “end to debt retirement charge.” Maybe Albertans are forking out the $ to pay down our debt or we are seeing the bigger pay down fees now.

    I am pissed when I read that Ontario PAYS FOREIGN CUSTOMERS TO TAKE OUR ELECTRICITY when we have a surplus rather than giving Ontarians a price break.

    Let us also never forget how politicians knowingly screwed with the gas plants and cost us, the taxpayers over $1.3 BILLION. Despite the cover ups and lame excuses, NO ONE GOT FIRED OR WENT TO JAIL. That must be a good example of how government works. When I was in private sector, I knew I’d be out on the sidewalk pretty fast if I pissed away a single million. Let alone 13000 millions!!!!!!

    Newfoundland is building the Muskrat Falls Hydro installation in Labrador. There will be lots of power coming on the market. Clean and relatively cheap and carbon tax-free!!! Is anyone writing up contracts to ship that power to Ontario??? Maybe a next government might include this in their election campaign.”

  2. On behalf of M.M. says:

    From “M.M.”
    Yes my rates went up. They bill monthly now so you don’t realize the % of increase. The Province knows they made a mistake, perhaps they will correct it.

  3. Gwen W. says:

    From G.W.

    My last bill wasn’t any higher than normal (September/October). I’m waiting for the next one with trepidation.

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