EDITORIAL: Your own govt taking you for a ride ?

 Your provincial government has your best interests in mind, ya think?

New Fees/taxes come into effect next month. According to media, the specific amount is being “harmonized” into the DELIVERY CHARGE. So much for transparency.

Found this on our Enbridge site. https://www.enbridgegas.com/corporate/ontario-clean-energy-future/cap-and-trade/Residential.aspx?au=y&print=true


At least we will be able to calculate how much this extra fee is costing us individually.  Enbridge has to do the calc to know how much to add into the delivery charge.  Why won’t they won’t split it out!  After all, the new charges are not their doing but the government’s.  So why has government so far refused to order gas suppliers to split out the Cap and Trade amount as a separate Tax???

Could it be that by burying the Carbon Tax into the Delivery charge it becomes HST taxable.  Tax the Tax.  Love our government.

Ya gotta love the government.

Enzo G.

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