EDITORIAL: Susan Delacourt, Toronto Star, “When you’re old…”

When you’re older it’s easier …


When you’re older it’s easier.

When you’re older it’s easier to speak out at injustice. You’ve got nothing to lose now.

When you’re older it’s easier to ignore negative people. Your friends and social circle are set for good now.

When you’re older it’s easier to accept wrongs being done in the world. You know they will never end; evil people will always exist and their evil acts will never stop.

When you’re older it’s easier to ignore boors, ignorants, and jerks. You know their time will pass and the sun will rise again with or without them.

When you’re older it’s easier to do a lot of things but this doesn’t mean you become totally accepting or completely insensitive.

Older people have learned that life goes on no matter what. In spite of cataclysmic world events, major wars, natural catastrophes, they know the sun always rises the next day, people rebuild and they continue their lives as best they can. Yet, older people are still very aware of wrong, immorality, amorality and evil though they don’t react to such with the impetuosity of youth. They recognize the futility of fighting conflict with confrontation. Still, saddened by error, malevolence or wrong, they recognize it readily but choose to expend energy more productively, if at all.

The younger generations should be reminded that the old have not abandoned them and their dedication to fighting apathy or confronting serious wrong. We older people support the younger in their endeavours as they protest and oppose the flaws and failures which beset society all too frequently today. We older people admire and congratulate the young for choosing to act, to demonstrate and to protest with the same energy and anger we displayed at Haight-Ashbury decades ago.

Susan Delacourt analyzes the recent Donald Trump press conference and clearly insinuates the discomfort that existed in the room. As a member of the fourth estate herself, Delacourt does not openly criticize the journalists who failed their duty though she would be justified to castigate them publicly for their failure. She cannot label them as being the ignorant cowards which they were. They are professionals working a profession which is supposed to uncover flaws and failures of society, shine the light of public exposure on villainy and inadequacies of authority and government. As a journalist, she cannot chastise her colleagues for their professional misconduct and she has the wisdom and wherewithal not to do so.

Instead of publicly rebuking her colleagues for their professional cowardice and failure, she could say no more but she said enough by simply describing how the journalist audience failed. She educates the reader on how poorly journalists today complete their appointed rounds. A thinking professional would follow the conference dialogue, set ego aside and develop the obvious theme of the conference with logical follow-up questions. This group did not. They sat like cowardly wimps and accepted the brow beating bafflegab blasted at them by the bully of Washington.

The skepticism and misgivings of the truth or veracity of news today are well founded. Reporting today is too seldom based on good research, thoughtful analysis and solid fact-checking. It would be easy to criticize the work of reporters today and rationalize it as being the bastardized offspring of the current love affair society with social media where delayed response, lengthy and deeper consideration of a story are held in high contempt. Instead, society today glorifies the immediate responder and elevates the bombastic blowhard even higher. A sad comment on journalists today, professionals once deserving of great respect and high regard. An honourable profession practiced by an every shrinking number of old reporters.

Susan Delacourt, you’re old and deserve full respect and high regard.

Bravo Susan!

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