TV: BLUEBLOODS…running more than 10 years

Bluebloods is a crime, police drama set in New York City, a city which has an infinite number of stories for every kind of TV show going.

This crime drama deserves its high praise and great popularity. Every episode is based on a three mini stories and each story highlights one of the three generation cops family of NYC Police Commissioner Regan. The stories always have a moral or ethical question to them, usually revolving around the philosophical question of “does the end justifies the means?” or “should the greater good outweigh the minor wrong?” The stories are fresh, often unique and they usually resolve the question in a acceptable way as seen by most people.

Watch the series for more than one episode and Bluebloods will draw you into the family. Old fashion family values are displayed every week, often at the whole family’s Sunday dinner cooked by the patriarch of the clan. Every character has flaws and quirks which become lovable hooks attaching the viewer to the character.

Schmaltzy at times, and often a bit too predictable, still it is enjoyable drama acted well, produced professionally and very entertaining. A good show !

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