EDITORIAL: FARM BOY food market deserves recognition

A local business demonstrates the meaning of being a good member of the community even though it takes significant effort and expense.

FARM BOY food market deserves public recognition for its community goodwill.

The food market provided lunch for the more than 300 attendees who came to the City of Pickering’s “Aging Well Together” event on Sept. 27. And there was NO CHARGE!

This really is a community gesture which deserves acknowledgement and recognition.

The FARM BOY catering team provided the participants of the event with an outstanding free lunch. No one can dispute that FARM BOY got promotional mileage from this endeavour. However, the gesture was not without significant expense for the food market. The lunch provided sandwich wraps, fruit chunks, hearty soup and in abundant quantity. It cost the food market significantly but no bill was ever presented for this corporative endeavour.

FARM BOY, without a doubt, you deserve the award for Good Citizenship! As well, a tip of the Good Citizenship cap should be given to FARM BOY manager, James Lefroy and his assistant, Ken Mitchell.

As for being a grocery store, FARM BOY is competitive, convenient, clean and nicely sized. It isn’t a giant store but one which is easy to navigate quickly, with an excellent selection offered at comparable prices. A nice store to shop in and if you get hungry, there is a food section which offers delicious soups, salads, pizza and hot dishes. [ People who enjoy sampling, FARM BOY ‘s got ya covered there too! ]


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