#4 – NOTEZILLA, sticky notes on steroids

Digital notes on steroids NOTEZILLA is an amazing digital STICKY NOTES application, electronic post-its on steroids. The more I use this program, the more valuable it becomes. [ SPOILER ALERT: Does not work on MAC computers; best used in WIN 10 ]

Ever hear the story behind POST IT Notes?

A 3M company employee in a local church choir would mark the hymns for Sunday service with little strips of paper. Inevitably, these little strips would fall out and the hymn designation would be lost. Being a member of the ‘skunk’ works team in the 3M development and research lab, he recognized the need for sticky paper markers which could be removed without damaging the hymnals. Thus, post-its notes. A miracle…but not the end of the story.

As with any new product, it is challenging to convince new users to try the product. 3M struggled with the marketing POST-it notes. Who wants to pay for a little scratch pad when others somewhat like it were available at half the price, even free. In stepped the secretary to the CEO of 3M. She bundled packages of POST-it notes and sent them to the secretaries of a few dozen of the major corporations in the USA. Within weeks, she was inundated with phone calls pleading for more of those sticky little notepads. Thus, the birth of the POST-ITS.

NOTEZILLA doesn’t have such an apocryphal story behind it but it is to digital work what Post-its were to paper.

NOTEZILLA sticks itself to your computer document, your webpage, your email…anywhere where you are doing your computer work. Simple to use, ‘tear off’ a note and type on it; move it around as you would a paper sticky note, decide where you want it to stick, poof…done.

At this point, NOTEZILLA takes flight, soaring to unexpected heights.

Leave it where it is but roll it up like a window blind. Done, only a neat little title remains and it can be positioned as you want.

Loftier heights Dates, colours, labels/tags, folders, ‘stick them where you want them,’ the versatility of NOTEZILLA seems endless. The power and versatility of NOTEZILLA notes seems to be limited only by the user’s imagination. As a user learns more and more about the program, its power seems to grow.

Richard has access to discounted NOTEZILLA apps, not ‘lite’ versions, but the real thing which he is giving away. You get to test them for a year at which time you can decided if they are as worthwhile as Richard says.

NOTEZILLA is an incredibly useful application if you work digitially. Try it and you will believe it!

The link to download NOTEZILLA : FREE TRIAL DOWNLOAD  or contact Richard.

[Disclaimer: Richard has received no remuneration or compensation from Conceptworld, the app developer.]
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