Medic Alert Bracelets

If you don’t carry something to help medical emergency teams quickly ascertain your medical conditions, consider something like this.

Better than a card in your wallet….

An emergency happens…you fall in a mall, you get into a car accident, you get hit by a car at a crosswalk. Can the arriving medical response team ascertain your medical history quickly and respond correctly relative to your medical condition.

You need to review the above paragraph with care, particularly if your medical situation needs to be made known to any medical response team. Do you take a particular medication which may conflict with others? Do you have an allergy which precludes certain medications?

A MEDIC ALERT bracelet can cover all the bases that need to be covered in case of an emergency.

The bracelet has a succinct summary of your medical situation engraved on the back. More importantly, the phone number connects the medical team to MEDIC ALERT who have a full detailed summary of your medical history which they can communicate to the emergency response crew.

A subscription to MEDIC ALERT is worth its cost, especially if you have a medical condition to which any medical emergency crew should know about. You’re playing with your life. The subscription cost to MEDIC ALERT may be worth it, don’t you think?


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