EDITORIAL: A buck a beer but the buck is taken away

A government for the people. More hypocrisy. Vague promises but concrete action that says the opposite.

Not to complain and lament but to simply lay it out as it appears, the Ford government demonstrates the universal political speak, say one thing but do the opposite. Why is it so?

Is the “Buck a beer” campaign merely a distraction? Does the Ford government believe the common voters can be deceived so easily? Could he be right?

Normally a new government has a honeymoon period where it is given some leeway and it acts with goodwill for a period of time. Not the Ford government. It has gone for the jugular from the start.

Environmental changes for the better?  Rejected.
Ford disliked wind turbines. All contracts cancelled.
He disliked some elections, Toronto. Cancelled.
He disliked the proposed sex ed curriculum. Rejected.
Basic income pilot project? Rejected.
Hands off other municipal affairs? Rejected.
Cannabis control via govt stores? Rejected.

This is the man who campaigned on a promised policy platform which never materialized. And he won! Does he have a better read of the intelligence of the electorate than anyone else?

It is sad to see this man, this party, this government going down a path that seems to have no regard for the common resident of the province. The Basic Income project is the worst of all his cancellations and rejections. The project directed $1400 to a select group of lower income/no income citizens as a test project to see how it would affect them. Would they seek better education? Would they try to improve their employability skills? Would they try to improve their economic and social status in any way which this money could afford them to do?

Statistics and studies have demonstrated that people who get such assistance improve their health, live better, become better employed, need less health care assistance. In short, they become a lesser expense for the province, thereby recovering the cost of the government subsidizing. The Ford government did not wait for the results, did not wait to see if the program really was cost-effective, never mind the negative impact on the people already in the program. But he promises them a buck a beer program. Next, it’s going to be a buck a joint!

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