Ottawa has sent just 200 soldiers to help British Columbia fight more than 600 fires. 2oo soldiers! Is Justin Trudeau sending a big message to BC Premier Horgan?








Premier John Horgan campaigned on a “green” platform, stop pipelines, resist Ottawa’s carbon tax, fight for a cleaner British Columbia. This put him into the camp that opposes Ottawa’s cap and trade policy, Ottawa’s promotion of the additional oil pipeline through British Columbia to the west coast.

Horgan, an NDP, won the premiership but he may lose a province, if Trudeau, a Liberal, continues to ignore British Columbia’s dire situation.

War possibility
Right now British Columbia is facing an indescribable disaster, a state of emergency really with more than 600 fires burning across the province. The smoke from these fires is affecting the air as far away as Ontario. Weather reports predict wind shifts will drive the smoke south into the northern US states of Washington, Montana and North Dakota. Bet your bippee Trump’s phone will display calls from Govs. Jay Inslee, Steve Bullock and Doug Burgum. “President Trump, sir, we’re being invaded. Canada has launched an air pollution attack against us. Our national security is being threatened. Alert Homeland Security. Call out the troops!”

Trump tweet: “This is so BAAAD! FIRED! Where there’s smoke there’s FIRE. Trudea (sic) is so baaaad! Second class! Wimp! Attacking the USA! So baaad. Canada’s colluding with Russia to attack the USA. I’m going to make America great again. I’ve got my finger on the ‘Big Button!’ Trudeau yer a wimp and you dont have a button…haha.

Back off Trudeau, or I will fire you!”


Something’s wrong in the state of Washington, DC for sure. But is something rotten in the state of Ottawa too?

Why hasn’t Ottawa called out the army, a bulk of the army to help bail out BC in its time of dire need? Why has Ottawa only sent BC 200 soldiers to help put out the more than 600 fires? Could Ottawa have sent more soldiers but the news media is withholding the information? Wouldn’t that fuel the flames of Trump and Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s claim that the media is anti-truth, anti-their governments?

British Columbia is opposed to the risks that an extra, additional pipeline through their region. The added pipeline if completed would fill up more tankers, traffic jamming the channel waters between BC and Vancouver Island, exposing the region to greater risk of oil spill castatrophe.

The BC first nations saw the risks and opposed the pipeline addition. Elizabeth May, the federal Green Party, was arrested for opposing the additional pipeline. Premier Horgan won the premiership of the province with his platform opposing the added pipeline construction through his province. But Ottawa has the power of the constitution behind its decision about the pipeline. Ottawa trumps (if you will pardon the expression) any province when it comes to energy and resources. Trudeau holds the cards but to withhold the card of aid and assistance to a province in dire straits. Puleeeeze !

Prime Minister are you listening?

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