TV: TV not a complete waistland, but becoming more and more so

TV is becoming a waist of time, waste too !

TV is becoming increasingly irritating with the rising tide of commercials.

Watching television now is becoming a test of endurance and patience. The number of commercials is increasing to intolerable levels. Worse with the rising numbers, is that the most popular shows get more commercials from the get-go. Even worse, try watching TV news broadcasts. Commercialized to death.

Understandably, commercials are the lifeblood of TV, their source of needed revenue. Surely network executives must realize that viewers are not watching anymore or finding ways to avoid watching, be it by trekking to the fridge for a snack or recording the broadcast for more controlled viewing by playback at another time. And commercials which are played and replayed too frequently, they become outright irritating.

For the most part, commercials are a waste of viewing time. However, occasionally some commercials are entertaining if not informative. Some commercials confirm that their creators worked hard to give the commercial appeal and some succeed. Not all commercials are completely bad, to be avoided at all costs. Sometimes viewers may find the unique commercial that entertains, interests and informs too. But sadly, those commercials are few and far between.

Commercials on regular TV are inescapable but there are ways to avoid or bypass them.

  1. If you have the capability to record TV, record the show you want to watch. Then, when you play it back, fast forward through the commercials to skip them.
  2. Watch TV shows on streamed TV dedicated to the shows. NETFLIX, AMAZON, and others offer packages where you can buy commercials-free TV shows.

Our preferred method of watching TV is the first one.

Commercials do have some value or merit. It is a way for a corporation to give consumers information about their product.

Occasionally, some creative company creates a commercial which is entertaining besides being informative. Some creative corporations: VW almost always, Audi occasionally, Coca-Cola for feel-good atmosphere, but the number dwindles as the memory is pushed.




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