HAROLD: a final campaign message, councillor, WARD 1

A final message for the campaign…

Over the last several months, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and talking with many of you and you have told me, loud and clear, that it is time for change in Ward 1.  Electing me will bring that change!

Change – because you will have someone representing you, who you can trust to ensure that your concerns will be addressed.

Change – because I will ensure that we have an open, transparent, accountable and accessible government for all.

Change – because you will have a strong advocate for responsible taxation in our city.

But this change all starts with a vote – your vote. And so, I’m calling on you –
between October 15th and October 22nd –
mark your ballot for change and

vote for Tony Harold, City Councillor Ward 1.

Thank-you to everyone for your support!

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