EDITORIAL: The Prime Minister wears a 34B bra

OK, OK…it’s the new Prime Minister of Finland we’re talking about, Sanna Marin.

But our point is that social media is becoming ridiculous?

Social media is becoming ridiculous. Just consider this information about Sanna Marin, the youngest Prime Minister in the world, at 34.

Take a look at this information about PM Marin found on Wiki, the spawn of social media:

Social media is ridiculous now. Consider the information available on the Internet and that it may be an invasion of privacy. Digital users claim defenses such as ‘freedom of speech’ and unlimited access to information.

Privacy is dead
Social media is destroying all remaining aspects of individuality and privacy using the pretext of right to know and freedom of speech and information. Our private lives are no longer private. Every user of social media claims the right to know whatever they want to know.

Social media destroying societal reality
The goal of social media may have been to unite society, bring people closer together. Instead, it creates a digital barrier between people so instead of meeting in person, they now communicate with one another from a distance, not even at arm’s length but far apart. Young people use the media the most and are becoming increasingly among the loneliest members of society.

Patience is dead
Older people struggle with social media. To them it is an electronic puzzle requiring solutions at the hands of younger children and grandchildren. But computer use, extensive use of social media has shortened the patience of young people. Ever notice how quickly they become intolerant of your struggle to understand the digital world? Their constant use of digital devices almost from the day of birth, makes them look like electronic geniuses but this constant use comes at a cost. They have no idea of patience, what it means to wait. The digital world is instant response, or nearly so and a wait of a few seconds becomes intolerable to these users.

Demand it in writing
There is no answer to the evils of the social media world. It is the norm of our society today. If you are an older user trying to learn from a younger person, request that they repeat, re-explain and slow down. Better still, though unlikely to come about, ask them to write it down. There is no such thing as writing today. Cursive writing as taught in elementary schools years ago has gone the way of the dodo. ‘Dodo?’ Look it up, google it.

So where do we go from here?
We are stuck in this digital world with all its drawbacks and disadvantages. All we can do is keep going and wait for the next phase change in our society and hope the changes will improve our existing world. It will happen though we cannot predict the when and the how.

Tim Horton’s may save us
Keep at it folks but remember to have a coffee with a real human being at a real life Timmy’s occasionally. Keep our old social world alive and kicking longer!

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