PRODUCTIVITY: 10 apps to set up a Win 10 computer

Set up your Win 10 computer so it is clean and simple!

Set up your WIN 10 desktop or laptop so that it has all you need to work, write and manage you computer work really well.

First, here is the list of the FREEware with their download links. These apps should be the foundation of your computer.

  1. Google Chrome   [ ]
  2. LastPass password manager  [ ]
  3. Google Calendar [ ]
  4. Google Photos  [ ]
  5. Gmail [ ]
  6. Search EVERYTHING   [  ]
  7. File Explorer  [ should already be on your Win 10 system ]
  8. Revo Uninstaller  [ ]
  9. PDF reader  [ ]
  10. NEAT OFFICE  [ ]

You really do not need more than these 10 FREE apps to do all that you need on your computer. Be careful when you go to the download menus. Do not accept where they offer you freebies such a FIX YOUR COMPUTER or ANTIVIRUS.

Bell cable service for your computer offers a free antivirus program for you system, Mcafee, so do not purchase or pay for another. Rogers probably offers one too.

If you need help with any of the above programs
contact Richard at 905 509 8666

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