HOOPLA, another way to access digital books

Hoopla is a web and mobile library media streaming platform for audiobooks, comics, e-books, movies, music, and TV. Hoopla allows library patrons to download or stream media content. The PICKERING PUBLIC LIBRARY is one of the host libraries using HOOPLA.

Simply put, HOOPLA is just another book borrowing service available to ebook readers. I personally prefer digital books as not only are they portable anywhere you can take your device, but they are practical for borrowing, holding and returning borrowed material. I much prefer electronic device borrowing to the real life alternative.
Libby preferred
Though there are a number of electronic readers available nowadays, I have found LIBBY to be my ereader of choice because of it being used everywhere, it is practical, fast and efficient. Other readers are available, Kindle, Amazon Kindle, Freda, Sumatra are others but I prefer LIBBY.
Library Card
You will need your library card number to setup any ereader as it is your key to the public library. When on holiday in the US for a month or more, get an eLIBRARY Card from the local library and you will have access to an even greater number of books than just those in Canadian libraries. The wait time is shorter in the American libraries because they have far more copies than the Canadian libraries.
Hoopla’s installation procedure differs from device to device, so I will try to give you a generalized process for getting setup with HOOPLA.
1. Type “www.hoopladigital.com” into your browser and follow the prompts (blue buttons) which take you through the process.
2. You will need your library card 
4.  Be prepared to create an 8 letter/characters password
5. Allow HOOPLE to send newsletters and notices when asked
You use the search box/menu to find books you want to borrow. Be careful in your selection because many books show TWO covers, one of which is an AUDIO book. I eschew audiobooks because I tend to daydream as if I were listening to music. I prefer my books in text form.
Help available
Feel free to contact me if you need more help with Hoopla.

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