Love your heart: 5 ways to maintain your heart health


This is a post which can take little time to read if you just read the main page or it can take much longer if you dig deeper into the numerous links. But even the short read will benefit your health. 5 mins vs 1 hour+.

February is heart month – a time to increase awareness of cardiovascular health and the things that affect it. Heart disease affects approximately 2.4 million Canadian adults, and is the second leading cause of death in Canada. There are several factors that contribute to your overall heart health including exercise, diet, and overall lifestyle. We have compiled the latest evidence-based resources on five key areas below to help you maintain a healthy heart as you age.

1.  Exercise 

2.  Eat a healthy, balanced diet 

3.  Reduce your salt intake 

4.  Maintain good oral health

5.  Don’t rely on supplements 



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