Pickering Public Library really blossoming with new CEO Flowers

Early in 2020, the Pickering Public Library received a new CEO has she is proving to be far removed from being “just any old wallflower.” 

First, when one of Association of Pickering Library Book Clubs reached out to contact her, she not only responded but responded with a Zoom Meeting with the association representatives. It was a positive, constructive and very enjoyable session with Flowers demonstrated most clearly that a new era was descending on the Pickering Public Library. Flowers was affable, personable and engaging, listening as well as stating.

Next, driving on one of the city’s larger roadways, new street signs reinforced that the PPL was engaging wit the community with promotions reaching out to new patrons, young people, the library’s patrons of the near future.

Then, again demonstrating that it was engaging with its community now and on very current issues, the library published an open letter to the community clearly stating its position, improved policy direction and its constructive and positively engaging position with its community. 

The letter is presented to site visitors below:

Letter to the PPL Community
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